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Robbie Cook

Robbie Cook

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Every web developer needs to be well connected with resources, whether you're an old hand or you're just starting out on your journey. Here are some great ones.

There are many many dodgy bootcamp websites out there, but freeCodeCamp is so well done and well respected that it outshines all others -- including well known favourites like codecademy.

freeCodeCamp does collaborations with other great devs, for example, this free guide to an AWS cert by Andrew Brown .


Whether you love them or hate them, design systems are the crux of many modern products. It is great to keep an eye on the latest trends and how companies are presenting their products. Special shoutout to Docusaurus and Storybook here.

We all know that leetcode culture can get pretty toxic. However, this doesn't take away the fact that products like leetcode can help you polish your skills when they get a bit rusty; especially if you've been grinding CSS and need to get back into algorithms


This goes without saying, but just in case, make sure you have a profile, make sure it's up to date, and make sure you put all your details there and certs.

State of JS / State of CSS

State of JS and State of CSS are great tools to see where the market is heading, and where your learning might be best focussed.

StackBlitz,, Codesandbox

Editing is going increasing online these days and ^ are a few of the most popular ones. Don't forget about LiveShare either!

Here's a link to some more resources if you're still hungry for more: .

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